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Elma Garcia
Elma Garcia

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Elma began her visual arts career after earning a degree in photography from Brooks Institute of Photography.  Following eight years as a still photographer in San Francisco, she began directing commercials, working alongside renowned cinematographers including Conrad Hall, Haskell Wexler, and Robert Richardson, who all encouraged her to get behind the camera herself.

 Once she did, there was no turning back:  in her own words, “I like having the camera close to my heart; it allows me to move more intuitively.”  For that reason, she’s worked as both director and cinematographer for the past sixteen years.  Her mastery of these complementary talents allows her to create authentic, beautiful, and cohesive narratives reflecting the spirit of the human condition.

 Above all, Elma’s keen attention to detail and commitment to excellence in storytelling ensure she consistently delivers not only high-quality, effective spots, but a top shelf experience for her collaborators—many of them repeat clients—from boards to final cut. 

 In her spare time, she’s an avid golfer and accomplished Dressage competitor.  She and her husband split their time between their horse farms in Sun Valley, Idaho and Thermal, California.

David Wolfson
David Wolfson

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Skype: deedub123

After attending Colby College, David spent two years teaching English at a boys’ boarding school.  Moving on to graduate school, he earned an M.A. in film, and relocated to Los Angeles from his native Dallas.  Starting as a production assistant and paying his dues up the ladder, he soon began producing commercials for A-list directors, shooting in locations both across the United States and around the world. 

David’s twenty years’ experience as a line producer has given him a valuable depth and breadth of insight into the countless moving parts of production, as well as an ardent dedication to meeting the big picture goals of all facets of the advertising triangle: client, agency, and director. 

To that end, he’s recently taken on the additional challenge of freelance executive producer, continuing his fifteen-year relationship with Elma.  His work ethic and loyalty drive him to embrace each new project with enthusiasm, no matter the scale, scope, or complexity of the job.

An avid cyclist and SCUBA diver, David lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife and two sons.

Roxanne Artesona
Roxanne Artesona

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After being awarded a full dance scholarship to the prestigious NYU Tisch School of the Arts and Gallatin, Roxanne dived head first into New York’s vibrant, fast-paced commercials world.  Having worked as a sales rep for more than twenty years, she brings a seasoned, dynamic sales vision to the EGF team.  

Roxanne’s clients have ranged across a diverse spectrum of creative media:  design, editorial, film, music, and visual effects.  The common thread is the enthusiasm she feels for each and every client; she believes in everyone she represents, and that personal affinity drives her to go above and beyond in representing and advocating for them. Her passion for the arts, dance, and theater dovetails perfectly with her skill for recognizing creative talent.

As with most endeavors, sales is about relationships, and Roxanne’s collaboration with Elma over the last seventeen years gives her unique insights into finding the projects that promise the best possible match for Elma and her team.

Roxanne currently lives in New York with her husband and daughter.  Her son, a recent graduate of St. Andrews University, now resides in Europe.