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Elma Garcia
Elma Garcia

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Elma began her visual arts career after earning a degree in photography from Brooks Institute of Photography.  Following eight years as a still photographer in San Francisco, she began directing commercials, working alongside renowned cinematographers including Conrad Hall, Haskell Wexler, and Robert Richardson, who all encouraged her to get behind the camera herself.

 Once she did, there was no turning back:  in her own words, “I like having the camera close to my heart; it allows me to move more intuitively.”  For that reason, she’s worked as both director and cinematographer for the past sixteen years.  Her mastery of these complementary talents allows her to create authentic, beautiful, and cohesive narratives reflecting the spirit of the human condition.

 Above all, Elma’s keen attention to detail and commitment to excellence in storytelling ensure she consistently delivers not only high-quality, effective spots, but a top shelf experience for her collaborators—many of them repeat clients—from boards to final cut. 

 In her spare time, she’s an avid golfer and accomplished Dressage competitor.  She and her husband split their time between their horse farms in Sun Valley, Idaho and Thermal, California.